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Reading a tarrot card

The tarot is an ancient tool for divination. A traditional deck consists of 78 cards containing four suits and a series of cards of subjects, each with a particular meaning. Some use the tarot to give prediction readings for others or as a form of personal meditation. Many readers use an extension where the letters are placed in a certain order to assist in the collection of certain information. An interpretation of the cards can include both the traditional meaning of the card, and information about what the card means to you. When there is tarot card reading phone psychic readings is something that you should also know about.

You will need:

  • A deck
  • Paper
  • Pencil

Steps to follow:


In order to read the Tarot cards without knowing it is important that you are familiar with the meanings. You should know that the tarot has four suits:

  • The glasses represent the emotions
  • Coarse represent company or professional
  • The swords represent the intellect or the conflict
  • The coins represent money

In addition, each letter with people dressed has a particular meaning. The elderly Tarot elders, who resemble kings are read as “Death” and “Justice.” In this article of we help you memorize the Tarot cards with simple tricks that will make your business easier.


Place the cards in a specific order always face down. A simple extension can include three letters arranged in a row, from left to right, representing the past, present and future. Once you have them in place, you should rotate them one by one and allow the images and thoughts that come from each letter to flow. Write everything on your head on a piece of paper and, depending on the meaning and representation of each letter, you can determine one meaning or another.

How to read Tarot cards without knowing – Step 2

Read the Tarot cards without having any knowledge about it you should take it as an exercise more imagination and entertainment than divinatory since this requires different skills.

If this is not the first time you are going to do a card reading session you should know that, in addition to the usual placement that moves in the line of life (from past to present and future) you can choose another way to put the letters: in the form of a star. This reading of the Tarot is used to understand the influences both internal and external to which a person is subjected throughout his life and thus be able to break ties with the toxic elements that are in our lives. In this article we tell you how to read the Tarot cards in the form of a star.

How to read Tarot cards without knowing – Step 4

You should keep in mind that after each Tarot session it is important to clean the energy cards of the people who were doing the session. You should know that one of the most traditional ways to do this cleaning is by using quartz stones but they can also be cleaned by leaving them all night on their backs and with the quartz on each letter. In this video of a How we show you how the tarot cards are cleaned.

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