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Tablet Ouija: various hypotheses of use

The assumptions on the functioning of the table are manifold.

There are those who maintain that it can actually put in contact with the world of the dead, those who believe it can convey entities of the astral plane – and here the opinions become even more varied, from the hypotheses concerning larvae and beasts infestatrici to those of real demons.

There are those who still believe it is unconscious suggestion, and those who instead hypothesize that the contact is really there, but that it can happen, as well as spirits and entities, even with the subconscious of living people, at that moment unaware. Hence the presence of the “alive” or “dead” option present in some variations.

Who does not believe in the intervention of forces “external”, suggests both the movement of the people present and rest the finger on the pointer to make it move, even unconsciously.

The Ouija Table, simple game or esoteric tool?

Is the tablet an esoteric tool to communicate with the spirits of the dead … or a simple innocent gadget?

La Tavola Ouija (also called Tavoletta Ouija ) is a panel with the letters of the English alphabet, the numbers from 0 to 9, a “yes” and a “no”, a graphic sign representing the exit and, in some his amateur variants, the words “alive” and “dead”, and more.

Born as a gadget, it should be a tool that allows contact with the world of the dead, through a session of two or more people holding each finger on an object called “pointer” or “planchette” (it can be a sort of big plectrum, a coin or even a heavier object, like a small glass, depending on the variants). The recalled souls would move the pointer and communicate with the bystanders indicating the letters on the tablet and composing words and phrases of meaning made in response to the questions of those present.

It is widely believed that the experiment is much better in relation to the mediumistic potential of the participants and that the ideal would be to have a real medium between them.

Often seen as little more than a game of society, the use of the Ouija table is considered by occultists and religious, depending on whether they are one or the other, a real séance or a demonic contact.

The tablet is certainly one of the most known and used esoteric objects, even by perfect profane, both because it is often seen in horror films and are found mediums online and for its “user friendly”: the operation is intuitive, there is no need in any particular preparation for engage in its use and the results are often immediate and surprising.

On the Internet you can find an impressive amount of video material and testimonies of people who have experienced the thrill of “talking to the dead”.

The phenomenon, which if it were true would be among the most glaring demonstrations of the existence of the paranormal, has also been the subject of numerous studies and, even today, divides between skeptics and supporters, completely convinced of its effectiveness and, often, of its danger .

Ouija board: how it kills you

The proponents of the channeling of dark and uncontrollable energies believe that the tablet is a real door on other worlds, a beacon in the fog for potentially dangerous creatures. Moreover, it could be a real trap, a lure mirror that would allow a subtle contact with unspecified beings. For this reason, the use of the tablet is generally not recommended for newbie’s and simple inquisitors.

Exorcist recommends a ritual of purification of the instrument and the environment before each session, the supervision of an expert medium and the preparation of precise ritual precautions (circle of salt, pentacle etc.). Also the color of the used candles would have its role on the type of entity that is risked.