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On-line course to learn how to be a phone psychic

Learning how to be a phone readings psychic is a useful means of helping oneself to give answers and better clarify the life situations you are experiencing. You often find yourself in times when it is difficult to understand which direction to take, or it is difficult to interpret the gestures and behavior of the people around us. The cards (be they Neapolitan, sibyls or tarot cards) have the great advantage of helping you take a wider look at the events, allowing to get out of your habitual thought patterns and helping to see what you are living under a different light.

Learning how to be a phone psychic with Neapolitan card deck consists of 40 blades, divided into 4 suits: Cups, Swords, Coins, and Sticks. Unlike the tarot cards, the Neapolitan deck is devoid of the major arcana, and has the number cards ranging from Ace to Seven, as well as three court figures: Fante, Cavaliere, and Re. There is one similar phenomenon which is popularly known as psychic readings.

Using Neapolitan cards during a phone psychic call is not the same as using Tarot cards: some cards have totally or partially different meanings, and it is, therefore, a good idea to use the values that tradition attributes to this deck, without necessarily trying to mix the rules or find parallels with other methods, so as to avoid forcing. The different basic structure of the two decks necessarily entails different interpretative rules.

To follow this tutorial on how to read over a call, you can use the following index to move easily between paragraphs:

How to read over the phone is easy for an experienced psychic

The cards can make a psychic phone call easy and allows you to have a dignity, that is they can go straight or upside down (in this article you can deepen the topic). The meaning to consider will be different depending on how they will show in the round. This feature is not common to all regional decks: in many of them, for example, the figures are shown cut in half, so perfectly symmetrical. This peculiarity of learning how to perform a reading over the telephone bunch can not take second place: for this reason, I think it is necessary to interpret them both on the obverse and on the reverse side.

To this rule, there are some exceptions: some cards of the deck are in fact perfectly symmetrical, a characteristic that makes it impossible to determine whether they are straight or not. In these cases (among other rare), the meaning of the card will not undergo changes due to dignity but will be the neighboring cards to determine if the meaning to be attributed will be a limit or again.

To conclude this paragraph, I would like to draw attention to some specific cards in the series of swords and sticks. To understand how to read Neapolitan cards, it is important to have clear what are straight and reverse aspects of the cards with which you will relate to.

This guide on how to read Neapolitan cards provides all the tools necessary to have a complete overview of the Neapolitan card system, as well as the necessary suggestions to be used in psychic phone readings.

To this, constant use of the cards must be added. A suggestion: it is not necessary to have read requests; to start you can also make simulated readings, assuming fictitious questions. All in order to train the memory, and train to create new connections, so as to develop the general intuition.

Learning how to read Neapolitan cards can be an excellent springboard to proceed later with the study of more complex diviners, such as the Tarot.

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